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May 23, 2023

Enjoying Summer Sips While Keeping Your Blood Sugar in Check

Summer vacation is almost here. Many people are excited to relax and enjoy a refreshing adult drink. Like most things...


April 26, 2023

7 Things individuals living with diabetes can do to help lower their cancer risk

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends the following list of things that people with diabetes can do to help lower their risk of cancer.


April 6, 2023

How to Manage Stress When You Are Living with Diabetes

Everyone feels stress sometimes. It’s how your body feels when something makes you feel worried, upset, or angry. Too much...


April 5, 2023

Spring cleaning? Check your medicine cabinet.

April 15th is National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day! It’s a good day to throw away any old, expired,...


March 28, 2023

CCS Clinical Corner – National Nutrition Month®

While March has been National Nutrition Month, with the theme “Fuel for the Future,” we should continue to help individuals...


June 1, 2022

Traveling with Medication

With the summer vacation season in full swing, many people are traveling or soon will be. Whether you’re headed to...


May 25, 2022

A Stroke Is a ‘Brain Attack’

Did you know that stroke is the second-leading cause of death in the world? In America, stroke takes the life...


April 26, 2022

Dealing with Stress

We’ve all said it at one time or another: “I’m stressed out!” It’s usually because we’re feeling anxious, exhausted, pressured,...


April 12, 2022

Take Care of Your Feet!

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month, a perfect time to focus on the importance of keeping our feet healthy....


April 5, 2022

What about Diabetes and Alcohol?

Having diabetes does not mean that you have to give up your favorite foods or beverages altogether. This includes alcohol....


March 16, 2022

Consider This A Wake-up Call

Did you know that more than 29 million Americans have diabetes, and that 8 million of those people are undiagnosed?...


February 16, 2022

Show Your Eyes Some Love

In talking to people with diabetes on a daily basis, my goal is to help them understand the importance of...


February 2, 2022

Understand Your Risk for Heart Disease

February is American Heart Month, a great time to raise awareness about heart disease and how to prevent it. Did...


January 19, 2022

Healthy Weight: How much should I weigh?

This is the time of year when many people are focused on losing weight. Not coincidentally, Jan. 18-22 is Healthy...


January 5, 2022

Five Things NOT To Do for a Healthy New Year

As the New Year gets underway, many of us have resolved to do better in the area of our health....


December 22, 2021

Staying Healthy amid the Holiday Festivities

During all the busy-ness of the holidays, it is important to pay attention to our health. This time of year...


December 8, 2021

The Flu Season Arrives Every Year

For most of us, the holiday season means good food, family gatherings and long-held traditions. Unfortunately, it also means the...


November 24, 2021

Diabetes Education Is a Lifelong Process

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life-changing event. And while it is a serious disease, diabetes is one of the...

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