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How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Happy When Eating Out

Do you ever wonder how to keep your blood sugar levels just right when you’re not eating at home? Whether you’re at a restaurant, a birthday party or a family gathering, here are some great tips to help you enjoy your meal without worrying too much about your blood sugar.

1. Plan Ahead 

Know Before You Go: Look at the menu online if you know where you’re going to eat. If you can’t do that, no problem! There are phone apps that can help you find a good meal.  When you’re having potatoes or pasta, an example of a serving size is your fist. That’s roughly the same as a cup, which is two servings. And if you’re looking at meat, the palm of your hand is about the right size for a 3-ounce portion. Carbohydrates are good for us, but eating too much at once can really impact blood sugar levels. 

2. Make Smart Choices 

Always try to fill half your plate with vegetables. They’re not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also great for your blood sugar. 

3. Pick the Perfect Portion

Restaurants love to give you lots of food! Remember, you don’t have to eat it all at once. You can share with someone else or ask to pack half of it to take home. 

4. Ask for What You Need 

Don’t be shy to ask for changes to your meal. Need less sauce? Want your veggies steamed instead of fried? Speak up! Most places are happy to help you eat the way you want. 

5. Drink Wisely 

Staying hydrated is critical to your overall health. Choose water or sugar-free drinks over sugary sodas. As for alcohol, measured moderation is the name of the game. Check out our guide on diabetes and alcohol

6. Enjoy Your Food 

It’s important to eat slowly. It takes our brain about 20 minutes before we realize that our stomach is full. Take your time to chew your food well and enjoy your meal with friends. Eating slowly helps you feel full and satisfied without overeating. 

7. Be Active 

Just Remember  

After eating, move around or take a nice walk. It’s a fun way to spend time with friends or family, and walking helps your blood sugar levels stay balanced. 

It’s okay to have a treat sometimes. These tips will help you when making decisions and enjoying your food thoughtfully. This way, you can enjoy eating out and special events without having to worry too much about your blood sugar. And always remember, taking care of your health is the best way to make sure you have fun at every party or dinner! 

Author: Janet Dominowski MS, RDN, CDCES | CCS Health     

This site is for educational purposes only. Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider before making any decisions about your health.