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Your patients are our first concern

CCS simplifies the ordering process for providers and ensures that patients consistently receive the medical supplies they need.

What We Do

Streamlining care for providers and patients.

Patients can order preferred brands and products, learn about correct usage, and experience human-centric touchpoints that help keep them on track with their care regimens.
Reliable Distrubution

What They Need When They Need It

Whether it’s diabetes care supplies, equipment or prescription medications, CCS has the products and solutions patients need, on-time and in stock.

  • Brands & products that you prefer & recommend
  • Patient portal for easy reordering
  • Reliable home delivery at no cost
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Reliable & Trustworthy

Insurance navigation can be difficult to understand, but we’re here to assist your patients every step of the way before their first shipment. It’s our specialty! Once the first shipment is received, we also offer guided onboarding to ensure a smooth experience. 

  • We process claims & handle all the paperwork
  • We verify & coordinate all benefits & find savings
  • We accept Medicare, Medicaid, & most major insurance plans

Patient Resources

Guiding Your Health Journey

We're here for your patients. Explore our curated list of support organizations ready to assist you further.
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What Our Customers Say About Us

"CCS Medical makes reordering my diabetes supplies a breeze. I am sent a reminder when a new order is due. I fill out the questionnaire and my supplies are delivered before I run out. Keep up the great work. Thank you!"

Charles G.
CCS Customer
"I am blessed to be wearing and using my little Tattletale. My A1C dropped approximately 6 points since wearing my little blessing it as it keeps me on my toes. Poking my fingers was non-negotiable as the pain was horrific.  Now, I finally know my numbers, and know it will squeal on me if I cheat too much. I am beyond grateful and your team keeps me in stock with my 14 day patch."

Mary H.
CCS Customer
"Incredibly kind staff made sure that my son had the equipment he needed on time. We are so thankful!"

Cassius D.
CCS Customer
"I have been ordering my supplies via the order forms you send me and they have been arriving in plenty of time for me to use them promptly. In short, I have been very happy working with you and have recommended you to two other diabetics I know."

Linda C.
CCS Customer
"Thank you for making the process of remembering when I need to order new supplies easy and efficient. Thank you for shipping orders on time. Thank you for letting me know when you are going to charge my credit card so I can be on the watch to see when my card is charged. I love my Dexcom system and greatly appreciate all you do to expedite and process my orders for supplies."

Glenn F.
CCS Customer
"CCS Medical has been wonderful. My daughter was diagnosed with T1D. She got a Dexcom CGM and got a Tandem t-slim insulin pump. All of the representatives that we spoke to whenever we have had an issue with products have been great. They are always willing to listen, help solve problems, and ship more supplies when it is time to reorder."

Cailynn B.
CCS Customer
"I used the patient portal and it was easy. I changed some things and got a call from a wonderful person to make sure I meant to do that. I shouldn't have and she helped me understand why and it was such a great interaction with customer service I've ever had!"

Christine S.
CCS Customer
"Everyone treated me with respect and guided me through the whole process since this was my first order after my ileostomy surgery. Thanks to all I talked with as you all were so kind and patient with me."

Michele R.
CCS Customer
Support For Providers

Parachute Health Partner

Unlike any other DME ePrescribing service available on the market, the Parachute Health platform eliminates the need for faxing or paper-based ordering, providing a frictionless order experience.

  • Providers are empowered to concentrate on patient care instead of paperwork.
  • End-to-end tracking lets providers see when orders have been fulfilled
  • Efficiency and transparency are significantly improved
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