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March News Roundup

Each month, we round up diabetes-related news and insights to provide you with ideas, tips, education and more to help you live your best life.  

Here’s the latest!

Five Ways Drinking Water Helps Your Blood Sugar Readings  

Diabetes Health Magazine 

“It can be challenging to remember to drink 64 ounces of water daily. But for people with diabetes, it makes a difference in managing blood sugar levels.” Read more

The American Diabetes Association Is Reevaluating BMI for Weight Management  

Verywell Health 

“The American Diabetes Association recently published its updated guidelines for 2024—including its new recommendations around body mass index, or BMI, and weight management for type 2 diabetes.” Read more.  

Yogurt Can Lower Diabetes Risk, FDA Allows Makers to Claim, With Caveats 

The Washington Post 

Yogurt makers may now claim that their products can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, according to new guidance from the Food and Drug Administration — with some caveats. Read more

Nobel Laureates, Women, and Diabetes Discoveries  

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 

“Gerty Cori, M.D., Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, FRS, and Rosalyn Yalow, Ph.D. all won a Nobel Prize. But did you know that they were instrumental in discoveries that were crucial to understanding the development of diabetes and its treatment? In honor of Women’s History Month, let’s take a look at these celebrated Nobel Prize winners.” Read more

Limiting Sugary Drinks for Children with Diabetes 


“Limiting kids to one sugary drink a day is hard, but the American Heart Association’s recommendation – one max per week – is even harder. Still, staying within these limits is possible.” Read more