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Introducing PropheSee™

A new, AI-powered predictive model from CCS built for healthcare organizations focused on improving CGM device adherence and outcomes for people living with diabetes.


The Source of Our Data is Unique

CCS’s AI-powered predictive model leverages 800+ member, clinical, supply, and consumer-centric attributes.

Health, Consumer, SDoH

Customer Engagement

Medical Supply Point-of-Sale

“Our payor and provider partners must expect that AI insights will drive the supply and service of our chronic care patients today and well into the future. It’s not enough to serve the patient a product or service and fulfill a transaction. A value-based care future and answer to delivering a better integrated healthcare experience requires this kind of digital investment and fluency."

Richard Mackey
Chief Technology Officer | CCS

Derive Insights, Influence Behaviors

Our data offers tremendous insights that, when properly aligned, allow CCS to offer the member a hyper-personalized experience to best manage their care. It anticipates the member’s needs and allows CCS to support them to maintain product therapy adherence. Patients respond to these services, and we have observed increases in adherence rates of more than 50% as measured by test and control groups.

Your Members, Our Insights

Introducing CCS’s Predictive Model
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“Greater adherence to CGM devices improves glycemic control, preventing complications and hospital admissions as a result of those complications. Better health outcomes means substantial reduction in total cost of care for insurers while device non-adherence leads to significant waste of financial resources and the forfeiting of long-term health benefits and cost savings that effective diabetes management provides.”

Arti Masturzo
Chief Medical Officer | CCS

Predictive Analytics

Promoting Adherence and Persistence

We help elevate health plans through comprehensive, member-centric diabetes management by focusing on four key areas.

Proprietary Data

185+ proprietary data element inputs to provide real-time insights, avoiding the typical delay seen from using only claims data.

Predictive Accuracy

We know when a patient is likely to become nonadherent with 80%+ predictive accuracy for future adherence within a 90-day forward window.

Hyper-personalized Interventions

Distinct personas drive interventions, from custom messaging to relevant support, to help prevent lapses in care.

Improved Adherence

With the deployment of PropheSee, CCS has observed increases in adherence rates among targeted, high-risk patient cohorts by as much as 50% compared to control groups.

“The innovative, advanced analytics predictive model that Accenture collaborated with CCS to develop will help identify patients at risk of non-adherence to diabetic treatment up to 90 days in advance. Taking real-time, personalized action, the tool intends to drive better adherence and improved outcomes. Trusted studies suggest that better engagement with patients leads to better health outcomes and overall quality of life.”

Chinmoy Barua
Managing Director, Data & AI Practice Lead | Accenture

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