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In-Person and Virtual Diabetes Education

Who Should Attend?

Patients and Caregivers

Diabetes education delivered virtually in the comfort of the patient's home or in-person at the provider's office.

Healthcare Professionals

Virtual and onsite diabetes education designed to meet time and scheduling constraints of busy healthcare professionals.

Case Managers

Virtual diabetes education designed to equip case managers with the knowledge needed to best serve members who are living with diabetes.

Advancements in Diabetes Technology: Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Therapy

Successful self-management and ongoing education for individuals living with diabetes can be challenging. New technology, like insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring therapy, is widely accepted in managing Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes. This webinar provides a comprehensive, device–agnostic overview of the newest innovations and details for using the latest technology solutions. 

Webinar length: 30 minutes, 15 minutes of Q&A

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Infusion Sets: Key Differences and Benefits

Insulin Pump therapy may help people with diabetes lower Hgb A1c and prevent low glucose levels. The infusion set includes tubing that delivers insulin from the pump into the body. At the end of this tubing is a soft cannula or a stainless-steel needle to deliver insulin under the skin into the body for absorption. There are a variety of infusion sites available to meet the insulin delivery needs of people. Attend this webinar to learn the differences between the various infusion sites and what to consider when deciding which infusion set will be best for you. 

Webinar length: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A

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Helpful Tape Tips for CGM and Infusion Sets

Diabetes technology is only helpful if the necessary components stay in place on the body. This webinar will explore strategies and products to help your diabetes devices adhere. We will discuss placement recommendations and troubleshoot common skin issues, including irritation, sweating, and dislodging devices. Bring your questions and problems so we can help you get your devices to stick! 

Webinar length: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A

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Advancements in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Therapy

Diabetes technology is constantly changing and can be overwhelming. Patients and caregivers will learn more about available glucose measuring tools to better manage diabetes, helping to promote better clinical outcomes and reduce complications for individuals with diabetes. A CCS Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) will provide a comprehensive overview of all Continuous Glucose Monitors. 

Webinar length: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A

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Carb Counting and Meal Planning for Individuals Living with Diabetes

Living with diabetes necessitates lifestyle changes. Understanding how to identify carbohydrates and count servings to improve time in range is valuable to ensuring those changes minor and can become a daily routine. This webinar will explore healthy eating and guidance on counting carbohydrates.

Webinar length: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A

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Travel, Emergencies and Being on the Move for Individuals Living with Diabetes

Diabetes management can be stressful under normal daily living, but traveling, busy lifestyles and unexpected challenges can become overwhelming. This webinar will provide ideas and tools to prepare you to manage your diabetes with confidence in any situation. 

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A Guide to Dining Out for Individuals Living with Diabetes

Making good meal choices can be difficult when you live with diabetes, but even more so when you are out to dinner or at a party. This webinar will give you strategies for enjoying your meals out while not sacrificing your health and glucose control. 

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Advancements in Insulin Management

Insulin therapy is constantly improving and can be a valuable tool to manage glucose levels. This webinar will provide key information on new insulins and therapies, how insulins work related to meals, how to make the most of your insulin therapy safely and overcoming challenges when using insulin. 

Webinar length: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A

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New Treatments and Dispelling the Myths of Diabetes

When you are living with diabetes you receive advice from many friends, family and maybe even media. Come to this webinar presented by our clinical experts in diabetes care to learn about the newest management tools and how to evaluate information and determine what is true or false and what will be the most beneficial for your diabetes management. 

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Understanding Insurance Coverage and Benefits for Individuals Living with Diabetes

There is nothing more confusing in healthcare than insurance benefits! Come to this webinar to learn how to navigate your health care while maximizing your insurance benefits. 

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The Role of CGM in Pregnancy

All pregnant women are subject to metabolic changes during pregnancy. But for pregnant women with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes, hitting glycemic goals and maintaining time in range (TIR) is challenging as hormone levels rise and the need for insulin increases. Thankfully, there are new tools on the market, like a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that can help identify lifestyle trends like glycemic responses to food.

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Seasonal Holiday Guide for Individuals Living with Diabetes

We all know the holidays can often be stressful. For those living with diabetes, the holidays pose more challenges than other times of the year. From extravagant meals to traveling with family, managing diabetes doesn’t have to interfere with the festivities. Please join us to learn more about tips for making the holidays manageable and fun! 

Webinar length: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A

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CCS Clinical Expertise

Meet the Team

CCS Educational Webinars are designed by clinicians and led by one of our Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist team members. 

Connie Chitwood-Vu, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES, BC-ADM

National Clinical Director

Mary Ellen Young, RN, CDCES, CPT

Regional Clinical Specialist Mid-South

Colleen Miller-Owen, APRN, CDCES

Regional Clinical Specialist Southeast

Jennie Dyke, BSN, RN, CDCES

Regional Clinical Specialist Northeast

Yes, we offer onsite diabetes education.

CCS Educational Webinars are designed by clinicians and led by one of our Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist team members. 

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