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April News Roundup 

Each month, we round up diabetes-related news and insights from trusted sources to provide you with ideas, tips, education and more to help you live your best life.  

Here’s the latest! 

How Stress and Depression Affect Diabetes 

The Cleveland Clinic 

“A diabetes diagnosis, new or long-standing, can trigger reactions like grief, stress, depression and frustration, but symptom relief and help are available.” Read more

Using Teamwork to Better Treat Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes 

American Medical Association 

“Diabetes and prediabetes are often impossible to tackle alone in a 20-minute visit. And managing the care of these patients takes a village.” Read more

11 Diabetes Podcasts You Should Listen To 

Beyond Type 1

If you’re looking for a healthy platform that will help you press the reset button on your diabetes management or mindset, the podcasts on this list offer encouragement, relatability and refreshers for living your best life with diabetes.” Read more

8 Best Grains for People With Diabetes 


“Grains are an excellent source of fiber and other vital nutrients, but which are best for diabetes? Here’s why nutritious options like farro, oats, and quinoa are at the top of the list.” Read more.  

Expert Chef Reveals What to Cook for Type 2 Diabetes 

The Independent 

Restaurateurs Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi detail their journey to discover a low-carb diet.” Read more