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Continuous glucose monitoring for

Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy is hard. Add gestational diabetes to the mix, your job and your patient’s pregnancy journey just got a little harder. But not impossible. Learn how a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) can provide you with a more complete picture and enhance your insights into the daily lives of your Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) patients.

Is your patient new to diabetes?

Keep it simple

Your patients may be completely new to diabetes and diabetes care is foreign to them. CGM keeps things simple. No need to remember finger sticks 5x a day.* Your patients get clear, actionable data about glucose, food, and activity. And you get the insights and trend lines to provide the best care for your patients.

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Get key insights for the best care

To provide the best care for mom and baby, you need complete data set, including quantitative data, like blood glucose and behavioral information, like exercise and nutrition. Using a simple CGM system, like the Dexcom G7, is an easier way to manage diabetes – providing a more complete data set with real-time glucose numbers, while reducing the need for finger sticks 

Meet the Dexcom G7

Our must comfortable and discreet sensor yet

The Dexcom G7’s small size and upper-arm wear location make it easy to forget that you’re even wearing it.

Proven results you can see

Dexcom G7 can help you spend more time in range, which is proven to lower A1C.2-6 The more time you spend in range, the better and healthier you feel.7 We even offer the Dexcom Clarity app, which tracks your glucose trends and provides a projected GMI, a metric similar to A1C, in as little as two weeks.

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