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LivingConnected® Clinical Solution
LivingConnected® Clinical Solution
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Dexcom G7 CGM System

Dexcom G7 delivers your real-time glucose numbers 24/7 to your smartphone or smartwatch—no fingersticks, scanning, or calibrations required. See your glucose levels and where they’re headed, so you can make smarter decisions about food and activity in the moment, allowing you to take better control of your diabetes.


The newest G7 system features:

  • Approximately 60% smaller than Dexcom G6
  • 30-minute sensor warm-up time
  • 12-hour grace period to replace expiring sensors
  • Real-time insights- glucose numbers, trends, and results
  • Enhanced alert settings and redesigned mobile app
  • Dexcom follow app allows up to 10 followers to view data from their smart device
  • Connects Directly to Apple Watch in the U.S.


* Fingersticks are required to use a blood glucose meter for diabetes treatment decisions if glucose alerts and CGM readings do not match symptoms or expectations.

*If you currently use Dexcom G6 with a connected insulin pump or pen, it is recommended to continue with the Dexcom G6 until compatibility with your pump or pen is added to Dexcom G7.

*Dexcom G7 can be used to manage type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes, and is the only integrated CGM (iCGM) system cleared for use during pregnancy.

*Smart device sold separately. To view a list of compatible devices, visit †Compatible smartphone is required to pair a new Dexcom G7 sensor with a compatible Apple Watch. To use Share/Follow the smartphone must be within 20 feet of the Dexcom G7. ‡To learn more about insulin pump integrations and compatibility with Dexcom CGM Systems, visit

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