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LivingConnected® Clinical Solution
LivingConnected® Clinical Solution
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Medtronic Guardian™ Connect System

The Guardian TM Connect is the first Smart Continuous Glucose Monitoring system and its advanced tools provide personalized insights, which means smarter diabetes management.
  • No separate receiver required!
  • Sugar.IQ® Companion app works with the Guardian TM Connect app to learn daily glucose patterns (compatible with iOS smartphones)
  • Smartphone convenience - glucose readings and trends every five minutes, with event markers to monitor glucose levels effectively
  • Rechargeable transmitter designed for 12 months of use
  • Predictive alerts help patients avoid high and low glucose events (10-60 minutes prior to anticipated event)


  • Sensor Life: 7 days
  • Angle of Sensor Insertion: 90 degrees, with One-Press Serter
  • Sensor Gauge: 27 (needle)
  • Receiver Size: N/A
  • Displays Directional Trends: Yes
  • Displays Glucose Numbers: Yes
  • Approved Age Range: 14-75 years
  • Customizable Alarms for High & Low Settings: Yes, 10-60 minutes prior to anticipated event
  • Alarms for Hypoglycemia: Yes, hypoglycemia prediction feature in Guardian TM Connect app and in Sugar.IQ TM app (only available on iOS); two calibrations required per day*
  • Range of Receiver to Transmitter: No transmitter, but patients should be within 20 ft. of the receiver; data sent to smartphone every 5 minutes. Check Medtronic site for more info re: smartphone compatibility
  • Transmitter Battery Life: 1 year – transmitter needs to be recharged every 7 days
  • Transmitter Size: 1.4″x1.2″x0.37″
  • Water Resistant Sensor and Transmitter: Yes, 8 ft. for 30 mins.
  • Download Capability: Auto upload from smart device to CareLink TM system; can be linked to health care professional to make sharing data easy; CarePartner notifications and remote monitoring

*Fingersticks are required to use a blood glucose meter for diabetes treatment decisions if glucose alerts and CGM readings do not match symptoms or expectations.

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