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LivingConnected® with Gestational Diabetes

The first of its kind clinical care management program designed to improve outcomes for mom and baby, while reducing healthcare spend.

What is LivingConnected® with Gestational Diabetes?

The LivingConnected® with Gestational Diabetes program is part of the overall clinical care management solution LivingConnected® from CCS Health. Extending the high-touch approach of LivingConnected®, including the incorporation of breast pump and lactation consulting services, helps support pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The program couples intensive nutrition and clinical coaching with remote monitoring of blood glucose to address the adverse outcomes for mom and baby of uncontrolled gestational diabetes.

Real-Time, Live Clinical Guidance

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES) evaluate blood glucose levels alongside nutrition, exercise, and behavioral health insights for a comprehensive view allowing them to effectively engage and guide pregnant women managing gestational diabetes.

  • 24/7 monitoring via smart biometric devices
  • Initial and post-partum depression assessments
  • Personalized coaching from CCS clinicians
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Breast Pump Delivery with Virtual Lactation Consulting

LivingConnected® with Gestational Diabetes program participants receive a breast pump with access to clinical guidance so breastfeeding can begin when baby arrives

  • CCS delivers a breast pump in the third trimester
  • Real-time coaching and guidance from CCS clinicians and lactation consultants
  • Breastfeeding is associated with median time to postpartum type 2 diabetes of 12.3 years compared with 2.3 years in women who did not breastfeed*


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Improved Outcomes = Lower Birth Costs

Early intervention and management of gestational diabetes addresses and helps prevent adverse clinical outcomes so moms and babies have healthier pregnancies and safe, less costly, deliveries.

  • Prevalence of gestational diabetes is on the rise with 6-9% of all pregnancies at risk
  • Adverse clinical outcomes include higher rates of Cesarian deliveries, shoulder dystocia, and time in the NICU for the newborn
  • By not avoiding these complications, cost of delivery can be nearly twice that of a healthy (non-gestational diabetes) delivery*


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How It Works

LivingConnected® with Gestational Diabetes is collaborative care management at home.

Member is Referred to LivingConnected® with Gestational Diabetes

Healthcare provider refers patient to LivingConnected® with Gestational Diabetes program.

Member Receives Special Welcome Kit

Welcome Kit with all the supplies, educational materials, and equipment is received shortly after diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

Dedicated Support From CCS Clinical Specialists

Licensed diabetes educators will call to set member up for success with equipment, supplies, education, and coaching.

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