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"Am I Ready for an Insulin Pump?" Quiz

Directions:  If you are currently using insulin, you may be ready for an insulin pump.  Read the questions below and select an answer, recording if you are a future candidate, good candidate or excellent candidate with each question.  Add the number of future, good and excellent candidate results, determining which one you have the most of. Read the results at the end of the quiz to determine if you are ready for an insulin pump!

     1. I check my blood Glucose:
               a.1-2 times per day - future candidate
               b. 3-4 times per day - good candidate
               c. 5 times or more - excellent candidate
               d. Not at all - future candidate

     2. I count my carbohydrates before each meal:
               a. Yes - excellent candidate
               b. Sometimes - good candidate
               c. No - future candidate

     3. I have low blood glucose levels:
               a. Never - excellent candidate
               b. 1 or more times per day - excellent candidate
               c. 1 or more times per week - good candidate
               d. 1 or more times per month - future candidate

     4. I believe that when you have an insulin pump
               a. You have to have surgery - future candidate
               b. You can eat whatever you want - future candidate
               c. You can eat as much as you want - future candidate
               d. You don’t have to check your blood glucose - future candidate
               e. It’s too complicated - future candidate
               f. You cannot have intimacy - future candidate
               g. It improves blood glucose control - excellent candidate, good candidate
               h. You have less hypoglycemia - excellent candidate, good candidate
               i. It’s more convenient - excellent candidate, good candidate

     5. I have the support of friends and family:
               a. Yes, my family supports me - excellent candidate
               b. Some of my family is supportive; others are not - good candidate
               c. No, my family does not support me - future candidate

     6. I am interested in learning new ways to control my diabetes:
               a. Yes, I'm always looking for new information - excellent candidate
               b. I sometimes look for information on diabetes - good candidate
               c. No, I don't spend any time looking for information - future candidate

     7. I am willing to wear an insulin pump:
               a. Yes - excellent candidate
               b. I'm not sure - good candidate
               c. No - future candidate


Excellent Candidate: You check your blood glucose routinely and have a support system. You are also counting your carbohydrates, which will help you be more successful with an insulin pump.  Some questions to ask your doctor include: “What kind of insulin pump is right for me?” “Will the pump decrease the low blood glucose episodes?” “Will I receive insulin pump training and on-going support?” “Will you write a letter for insurance coverage?” 

Good Candidate:  You check your blood glucose and have some family support. Your blood glucose control is good, however, you do have a few low blood glucose episodes. An insulin pump may be right for you, as it may help decrease the low blood glucose episodes. Some questions to ask your doctor include: “How can an insulin pump help me get better diabetes control?” “What do I have to do to qualify?” “Is there training and support for both me and my family?"

Future Candidate: Checking your blood glucose often and carbohydrate (carb) counting help make insulin pump therapy successful. Additional education will help to clear up some of the misconceptions you appear to have about insulin pump therapy. Some questions to ask your doctor include: “Can I see a registered dietitian to learn more about carb counting?” “Can my family come with me to learn about carb counting?” “How does an insulin pump work?” “How can an insulin pump help me?” “Will an insulin pump help prevent low blood glucose?”


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