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Watching your Healthcare Dollars

CCS Medical knows the importance of your time and money. By understanding your insurance benefits and your supply options, you may be able to reduce your cost and save money. Discover the difference that home delivery makes with CCS Medical today. 

Save Time and Money with CCS Medical

Different from your local pharmacy, CCS Medical offers convenient home delivery of your medical supplies or prescription medications. You will not have to take any more trips to the doctor with our easy ordering from anywhere in the country.

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Saving Money on Healthcare

CCS Medical wants to save you money on your healthcare costs and not just on your home healthcare supplies. Here are some easy steps that you can take:

  • Clarify what is covered: Each insurance company varies on how it covers medical supplies. Call your provider to clarify which benefit would provide you with the highest savings: medical benefit or pharmacy benefit. Make sure you specify the supplies you need. CCS Medical offers complimentary insurance verification.
  • Know your network: Make sure your providers are listed as in-network by your insurance. Often, out of network providers often require additional co-pays.
  • Use pre-tax dollars: Ask your employer if your company benefits include access to a flexible spending account (FSA). An FSA allows an employee to set aside a portion of his or her earnings to pay for qualified expenses, most commonly for medical expenses. Money deducted from your pay goes into an FSA and is not subject to payroll taxes, which results in a substantial savings. 
  • Save your receipts: At the end of each year, gather your healthcare receipts for possible deduction on your taxes. By checking the IRS guidelines, you may be able to get a rebate on your taxes. To view this information, go to www.irs.gov.
  • Use generic medication: Talk to your doctor about the option of generic medication. Your co-pay will most likely be less expensive on your prescription plan. 
  • Get your checkups: Sometimes the best medicine is preventative. Find out what checkups or preventive care are covered under your plan.

Enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

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